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9 Birding Days with Local Guide

Ground Price: from £2500 (US$3500, €2950)

We start in areas close to Kampala, where we will look for papyrus specialities, including Papyrus Gonolek, Blue-headed Coucal, White-winged Swamp and Papyrus Yellow Warblers and, of course, the enigmatic Shoebill.

Our next destination is Kibale Forest. There are plenty of excellent birds here, including Green-breasted Pitta, Great Blue Turaco, White-naped Pigeon, Yellow-mantled Weaver, Yellow-billed, Hairy-breasted and Yellow -spotted Barbets and Red-chested Owlet. It is also possible to trek for Chimpanzees here.

We descend to the edges of the great Ituri Forest at Semuliki. Hornbills are especially well-represented, including; Black-casqued, White-crested, Black Dwarf, Red-billed Dwarf, Piping, White-thighed, Crowned and African Pied. Many species are only found here in East Africa.

After passing through the grasslands of Queen Elizabeth National Park, we reach Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Famed for its Mountain Gorillas, it is also home to mamy Albertine Rift endemics, including; Rwenzori Turaco, Grauer's and Grauer's Swamp Warblers, Regal, Blue-headed and Purple-breasted Sunbirds, Neumann's and Red-faced Woodland Warblers, Rwenzori (Montane) Nightjar, Handsome Spurfowl, Strange Weaver and more.