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DIY Tours can be tailored to your own interests and are self-guided/driven, based on supplied detailed information and site details. The durations below are just sample recommendations, with associated prices, based on 2 people sharing.

10 Birding Days

Ground Price: from £2000 (US$2850, €2350)

In winter, Japan is famed for gatherings of species which breed in the Arctic, as well as a range of endemic species and subspecies.

On Hokkaido, there are the gatherings of large flocks of Steller’s and White-tailed Sea Eagles, as well as Red-crowned Cranes. In addition, the enigmatic Blakiston’s Fish Owl can put in an appearance.

On Honshu, it is a little milder than Hokkaido. Many birds spend the winter in the areas not far from Tokyo, including Baikal Teal, Japanese Grosbeak, Elegant and Rustic Buntings and the endemic Green and Copper Pheasants. The famous Snow Monkeys can also be seen.

Kyushu has much less snow, and can be quite mild, and tens of thousands of White-naped and Hooded Cranes gather, joining sought-after species such as Mandarin and Falcated Ducks and rare species such as Saunders’ Gull.

Added to these are endemic species including Japanese and Japanese Pygmy Woodpeckers, Japanese Tit and Warbling White-eye. Pelagics can have Japanese Murrelet, other alcids and several albatross species.